World Music Workshops

World Music Workshops.  Practical, educational workshops using musical instruments to motivate and stimulate your students. Experience world music in a new way, in your class room or your office.  We provide all the equipment needed to run a successful workshop in your chosen discipline. Motivate your students or employees in a new and engaging way.
Experience the sounds of the Brazilian carnival with Samba drum workshops.
Explore centuries of History with the Japanese Taiko.
Play the traditional African Djembe drum.
Take a trip to Hawaii with the Ukulele
play new and familiar melodies on the Steel Pans
Keep the beat with and Afro Cuban Cajon workshop.
Louder Than Life

World Music Workshops


Louder Than Life Limited (LTL) provides practical World Music Workshops to schools, companies and groups throughout the UK.

Over the past 7 years Louder Than Life have developed a series of leading musical workshops.  Experience music from around the world in your classroom, office or public venue! Choose from Brazilian Samba, African Djembe, Japanese Taiko, Hawaiian Ukulele, Afro Cuban Cajon and Junk Percussion.

Our World Music Workshops are not just a demonstration, they are an interactive, motivational and stimulating session.  Develop your musical skills and fully embrace the power of music first hand.

All Workshops are carried out by qualified members of staff who all have full DBS disclosures.

All equipment can be provided, unless otherwise specified.  Workshops adhere to the National Curriculum and the National Plan for Music with all key stages covered from KS1 – KS4 and above. 

Workshops in world music help to develop auditory and visual skills, team work, co-ordination and communication.

Musical learning further supports all learning.


Our Workshops

Brazilian Samba
Brazilian Samba

Take your class to explore the soul of Brazil and experience the Rio Carnival in your school! 

There is nothing as powerful as the beat of a Surdo! You’ll find it impossible to stop your feet tapping to the Brazilian rhythms. Feel the beat and get their groove on using our own brand of LTL Drums, which are custom designed specifically for use in education and workshops.

Fill your establishment with Loud, Lively and Energetic South American Music. Samba is an excellent introduction to world music.

Japanese Taiko
Japanese Taiko

Japanese Taiko are powerful and energetic drums. 

Taiko drumming can be traced back to the 6th century.  The size of these enormous drums and their distinctive, low-end boom, makes them a fun instrument to play.

After warm ups and stretches, participants will learn a series of authentic patterns along with useful Japanese words to allow them to fully embrace in the Japanese Culture and the power of Taiko drums.

Hawaiian Ukulele
Hawaiian Ukulele

Hawaiian Ukulele workshops are a fantastic introduction to stringed instruments.

They allow participants to experience playing a variety of chords and songs to create excellent entertaining ‘mash-ups’ of modern pop, rock and ballad songs.

The unique Louder Than Life colour system enables all participants, regardless of age or ability, to fully take part and enjoy a pacific style workshop. 

African Djembe
African Djembe

African Djembe workshops give all participants a chance to get hands on making music. 

According to the Bambara people in Mali, the name of the djembe comes from the saying “Anke djé, anke bé” which translates to “everyone gather together in peace” and defines the drum’s purpose.

Learn how to play multiple tones on a Djembe drum, work as a group to create unique polyrhythms and experience the true sound of Africa. 

Junk Percussion
Junk Percussion

Ever wondered what 15 wheelie bins sound like? During a Junk Percussion workshop participants will use everyday household objects to create a real piece of junk Music.

It’s uses the same principles of rhythm, time keeping, and team work, but with a new sound.

Using a range of items from camping cups, buckets, broom sticks, bins, brushes, and frying pans – we ensure a loud and interactive experience that can be included as part of a science or recycling project. 

Steel Pans
Steel Pans

Steelpans are a chromatically pitched percussion instrument.

Played like drums using sticks, Steelpans produce ringing bell like tones to bring a carnival feel to your workshop  Bring a uniquer sound to popular song and experience music in a new way.

The unique Louder Then Life colour system enables all participants, regardless of age or ability, to fully take part and enjoy the Steelpans workshop.

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